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Hello there...

I'm May, your business side-kick and time saver. 

You're a smart online entrepreneur, an expert in your field. You built your business from the ground up, consistently growing your list and audience. Now you find yourself buried deep in the day-to-day work when you could be spending more time talking to new prospects, implementing strategies to bring you closer to your bigger goals and spending time with your family. You feel there're just not enough hours in a day. Oh, the joys of being an entrepreneur!

Now you've kinda convinced yourself that it takes letting go of some control to scale your business, to bring it to the next level, to untangle the knots that keep your life and business dangling in the air. Well, you've come to the right place!


About Me

I'm an online marketing enthusiast, planning and organisation ninja, craft lover and mom to an active toddler boy. When I was expecting my baby boy 2 years ago, I started a little passion side project selling handmade baby gifts to unleash the creative maven in me. This passion project helped me dive deeper into the online business world.

Being an online business owner myself, I understand that you wear multiple hats in your business. Once your business grows, you just have to let go of certain tasks that are not your area of expertise, or those that are simply time consuming.

I started this business to give support to business owners like you. I believe solo business owners deserve the perfect balance in life and business. This is the very principle I aim to achieve in my life. In my corporate life, I spent a decade in the insurance industry in operations and product development, where I learned to adapt to different situations and working styles. But you know...I never wanted that corner room with the view. 😉

And now here are 3 random facts about me…

  • I grew up in five different countries across 3 continents, Asia, Australia and Europe. My childhood experience was a blurred line between the thrill of exploring new exciting places and the struggle of making new friends, and then leaving good, newfound friends every few years.

  • I now live with my husband and son in sunny tropical Singapore (summer all year round, yay! but the humidity though...).
  • My all time favourite TV series is FRIENDS (yes, I’m a 90s girl!). I watched the whole 10 seasons twice (ok, maybe more)!

Are we a good fit?


My Process

social media manager - branded design expert - email marketing manager

Step 1: The consultation Call

Once you book an appointment by clicking the button below, you will receive an email confirmation about our Skype meeting. It's free and only takes about 30 minutes. That will be a good time to get your questions answered and discuss your budget and timelines, and most importantly, to decide if we are a good match!

virtual assistant for social media, email marketing, pinterest

Step 2: The Contract

If you decide to work with me after the meeting (and I hope you do!), I’ll send you a quote and contract for digital signing. Please read the contract carefully and make sure that everything is in order. Once you have signed the contract and made payment we can go straight to work. Hurray!

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Step 3: The Kick-off Call

Once the invoice is paid, it's time to discuss about the projects! We can schedule another Skype meeting or communicate via email, whatever floats your boat, to start right off!