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Back to Basics (Part III): How to Find and Create High Quality Pins


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In Part I and Part II of Back to Basics series, we set up a Pinterest business account and created boards to attract your target audience. You're now ready to fill up those boards with beautiful pins.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find and create quality pins to help your pins get more reach.

One key part of an effective Pinterest strategy is daily, consistent pinning of your own pins and others' pins. It's about providing your target audience with valuable information that they would be excited to discover.

How Many Should I Pin Daily?

This depends on how much content you have. I find that pinning 5 to 10 pins per day when you don’t have a lot of own content yet, and increasing your way to about 30 pins per day as you build up more content helps to grow faster.

But take heart. Pinterest favors quality over quantity of your Pins. By pinning quality pins, your account gets noticed and your content gets seen by more people.

What Makes a High Quality Pin?

A high quality pin is not just a pretty pin. Look out for these pointers when pinning others' content.

  • Vertical image

  • It provides value to your audience (the type of content your audience is looking for)

  • It’s relevant to the board you pin it to (the title or keywords in the description matches your board's topic)

  • The image and pin description match

  • The webpage that the pin is linked to is relevant to the picture or text on the pin, and is not spammy (Hey, those who upload pin images that say "Tips to grow your facebook page in 30 days", and the pin sends the reader to a Fiverr site selling their services, I'm looking at you! It’s ok to have pins that link to your services, but don’t trick the reader into thinking that it’s a blog post!)

Tips for finding quality Pinterest pins - Untangled Pinterest Marketing

How to Create Quality Pins for Your Own Content

Now that you know what to look for in pinning others’ content, let’s find out how you can create quality pins for your own content.

Find Content Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find blog post ideas. Before you decide to create content on a particular topic, type your topic in the Pinterest search bar to see what kind of pins come out. The first few pins that appear on top are typically the ones that Pinterest thinks is high quality and most popular.

Pinterest search results for clean eating - Untangled Pinterest Marketing for bloggers and Content Creators

Take note of the keywords that they’re using in the titles. Can you come up with a brand new content that hasn’t been done before around those keywords, or an improved version with your own spin?

Creating Attractive Visuals

Here are a few tips to creating eye-catching pins.

  • Pin Size: Pinterest recommends vertical images with an aspect ratio of 2:3.

  • Look and Feel: Keep a consistent style, with your brand colors and fonts. This helps people recognize your pins at a glance overtime.

  • Add Text: This is especially true for blog posts and sales landing pages. Adding text to your image helps people understand what your pin is about at a glance. The keywords on your image should match the keywords in the pin description, so Pinterest knows clearly what your pin is about. Use crisp and clear text if you're using text overlay. Don’t overdo with pretty, curly script fonts. Use them sparingly (for example, to emphasize certain words in your title), and make sure they’re legible.

  • Create Contrast: Choose the right background so that your text pops up. A busy background and busy text just don’t go well together. A contrasting solid color background, a background image with white space or a color overlay on an image works best.

  • Include your URL: Adding your URL at the bottom of your pin helps with 2 things:

    • it helps to direct people to your website, and

    • it can help prevent your images from being stolen.

  • Don’t forget the Image File Name: Give your pins an SEO boost by naming your image file with keywords (example: “10-clean-eating-recipes.jpg” instead of “IMG_1394.jpg”). Pinterest doesn’t index image file names but Google does.

Examples of beautiful and high quality Pinterest graphics - Untangled Pinterest Marketing for Content Creators

Add a Pin Description

Before you release that beautiful pin out into the Pin Universe, make sure to include a keyword-rich description that tells the reader what your pin is about. Write it like you’re telling a friend what they can expect from this page you’re leading them to. Make it enticing to make people want to click and read further. A call-to-action usually helps. It can be as simple as “read more on my blog”, or “get your free checklist”.

I will show you how to find and create quality pins for your Pinterest business account.- Untangled Pinterest Marketing

Schedule Your Pins with Tailwind

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I hope these Back to Basics series have helped you get started with Pinterest for your business. If you missed Part I and Part II of my Pinterest Back to Basics series, find them below.