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How to Grow Your Service Based Business with Pinterest

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You're a coach, consultant, nutritionist, designer, copywriter, or run another type of service business, and your goal is to attract your ideal client.

Among the many ways you can grow your business, would you be surprised if I told you that Pinterest is a platform worth considering to get more visibility, traffic, and grow your email list?

We often hear about how Pinterest is an effective traffic driving tool for bloggers in niches like food, home decor, and DIY. But how can a non-visual service business like yours has its place on a highly visual platform like Pinterest?

You can, by sharing your best content on the platform, in a visual format. Pinterest is more than a platform to look for recipes. Just like how they would search for information on Google, people are looking for all sorts of ideas on Pinterest.

Chances are, your ideal client is looking for the solutions you offer too.

And the best part? Pinterest doesn’t function like a social media platform, so you don’t need to be constantly on the platform engaging with people (I call it the most ‘introvert-friendly‘ platform.). By investing just a few hours a month, you will reap the benefits of Pinterest, which multiply as time goes by.

How Your Ideal Client Discovers You Through Pinterest

  1. Your ideal client searches for the solution to her problem on Pinterest.

  2. Your pin appears in search results.

  3. Your pin looks attractive. The description on your pin image is exactly the solution your ideal client is looking for. It stands out among the sea of pins that came out on search results.

  4. Your ideal client clicks on your pin, loves your blog post, and signs up to your email list through your freebie.

  5. She continues to consume your content, joins your facebook group, and so on, and eventually decides to work with you.

This is a quick view of how Pinterest works to bring new audiences to you. With this in mind, you’ll want to design your Pinterest strategy to get your content seen (and loved) by your ideal client.

Below I’ve listed down ways you can use Pinterest to your advantage as a service based business owner.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Service Based Business

Make it Visual!

It’s ok if you don’t have pretty product pictures to show. It may be a no-brainer for a photographer to be on Pinterest. But as a copywriter or a business coach, what do you pin on Pinterest?

If you post blog content on your website (which you should be anyway for SEO purposes), this is the content you can share with your Pinterest audience.

Make sure you have vertical, Pinterest optimized size images on your blog. One common mistake I see is there’s no Pinterest-friendly images on the blog although the business is on Pinterest. Pin these images to your boards.

Having these images on your website will also encourage readers to save your content to their Pinterest boards (i.e. more eyeballs for your pins!).


Use your brand colors and fonts for your pin images consistently so that people start to recognize your brand. I follow a couple of industry players, and I know their pins from a distance when I see them. When I see their content, I’d save them to my boards knowing that the pin is from a trusted source.

I created 5 free sets of Pinterest templates so you don’t have to create yours from scratch. Get them below. Just replace the templates with your brand colors and fonts.

Pin Content That Would Benefit Your Ideal Client

Using Pinterest as a user and a business are totally two different things. As a user, you create Pinterest boards around topics that interest you.

From marketing perspective, you’d want to think like your ideal client and be clear with her pain points. Knowing this will help you create Pinterest boards around topics your ideal client is looking for in the current stage of her journey.

That also means your boards may include topics that you write about and topics you may not write about, but are helpful for your ideal client.

I’ve found that pining a mix of your own content and others’ content works because Pinterest sees that you’re not out there just to dump your own pins.

Read more in detail: The guide to creating boards that attract your ideal client

Create Content That Sets You as an Expert

Pinterest is famous for instructional, “how to” content.

Before you dismiss the idea of “how to” content because you’re not trying to attract DIYers, such type of content can help establish you as an expert. You don’t have to create a how-to content showing the A to Z of how to do your work. It can be the type of content that complements what you offer.

For example, if you’re a brand designer, it can be something like “8 things you need to have in place before hiring a brand designer”, or “Why you need a brand board and how to use it”.

When they’re ready to hire, they will remember you.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Pinners are Planners. And they plan ahead. Are there any seasonal topics related to your business?

For example, if you are a Fitness coach, maybe you can create outdoor workout ideas for the summer, and indoor workout ideas during the cold winter.

If you run a bookkeeping business, your audience will thank you for your tips for the tax season.

Get Your Website Ready for Conversion

Pinterest is the no. 1 source of traffic to my lead magnets and one that gives the highest conversion rate.

You may have lots of traffic coming in from Pinterest, but if you don’t have a way for them to discover more good stuff from you or make them stay longer with you, then you, my friend, have a leaky website.

Have a call to action in the middle and at the end of your blog posts. It could be an opt-in freebie, a call to action to check out your services, asking to join your Facebook group etc., depending on the goal you want to achieve with that particular blog content.

Help them discover more great content from you by internal linking to your other blog posts (this is good SEO juice too!). I also love to utilize the blog side bar to quickly introduce myself and put up my email opt-in freebies.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

I can’t wrap up this post without one last note about keywords. Pinterest is like the visual version of google, so keywords do matter. keywords are the gold mine to ranking well on Pinterest.

Identify 2-3 main keywords related to your niche. You can do this by using the Pinterest search bar to type in words related to your niche. Pinterest will auto-populate popular search terms for you.

For example, if you’re a Wordpress web designer for creative businesses, your main keywords could be Wordpress, web design, creative business/ creative entrepreneurs.

Use those main keywords in your profile name, bio, board and pin descriptions where relevant.

You’d want to follow the same keyword research process when creating text overlay for your pin images and writing your pin descriptions.

TIP: If your business is based locally, try including your location in your profile bio, boards, and pin descriptions.

Are you using Pinterest for your service based business? I hope this gives you some ideas and actionable steps to increase the visibility of your brand with Pinterest.

Need Help Implementing Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

As a Pinterest Strategist, I help business owners implement Pinterest marketing strategies customized for their business. If you need help getting started with Pinterest marketing or don’t have the resources to manage it yourself, check out my done-for-you Pinterest marketing package.

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