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10 Time Saving Tips for Pinterest Marketing

10 ways to save time with Pinterest marketing - Untangled Pinterest Management

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Time… our most valuable asset. Don’t we all wish we had more than 24 hours a day? As business owners, we’ve got to learn ways to get more time out of our day and give priority to money-making activities.

A common complaint I hear is, Pinterest marketing takes more time that it looks. Yes, it does. But Pinterest doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming if you have the right systems and tools in place.

I'm a big fan of finding time saving hacks. I look for ways to save time whether it's shopping for groceries or working on my business. After managing a couple client accounts, I found some effective ways to hack the Pinterest workflow.

Assuming you’ve got content ready to promote, typical daily or weekly Pinterest marketing tasks may include:

  • creating eye-catching pin graphics (or videos)

  • keyword research and writing pin descriptions

  • scheduling pins

On top of that, you have other areas to work on for growth, like coming up with new board ideas, finding group boards and Tailwind Tribes to join, checking your analytics, and maybe creating promoted pins campaigns.

These are 10 time-saving methods that allow me to spend less than 2 hours per week with Pinterest marketing for my own business.

1. Pin with a purpose/ Don't go into the Pinterest Rabbit Hole

Pinterest is very addictive. Do you agree? You find one pretty pin with a catchy title, you click on it, and before you know it, you're devouring all the blog posts on that website you just discovered through Pinterest. Or you find one pretty pair of shoes on Pinterest, clicked on it, and you find yourself doing online shopping.

Yes, this is the very purpose of Pinterest, to help people discover new ideas and websites. Thankfully, Pinterest gave us the option to 'pin' so that we can come back to those pins later. Also, as Pinterest business users, we’re logging in to pin content for our audience. Pin those ideas you want to check out later for yourself onto a secret board.

2. Batch Create Your Pin Graphics

I usually batch write my blog content on "content creation days" and batch create my social media graphics on "graphic creation days" using the method from Hailey of Your Content Empire.

After creating a number of pin graphics, you'd have created a bank of templates for yourself. If you’re not design savvy, use ready-made Pinterest templates.

3. Use a Pinterest Scheduler

If you've been actively using Pinterest to grow your business, you'd already be using Tailwind, so it’s nothing new. If you're just getting started, Tailwind is the answer to a more efficient and effective pinning strategy .

Think the difference between being on Pinterest all day everyday (which I don't mind, but we all have better things to do), and spending 1-2 hours a week to schedule a week worth of pins. Your pinning life will never be the same again with Tailwind.

Use this link (affiliate link) to get your first 100 pins scheduled for free.

4. Use Tailwind Chrome Extension

Even with Tailwind, do you find yourself taking too slow to schedule your pins? Install Tailwind’s chrome extension to speed up your pinning. I’ve created a video showing you how I schedule pins using Tailwind chrome extension.


5. Use Tailwind's SmartLoop Feature

SmartLoop is a feature offered by Tailwind which allows you to automate re-sharing of your best and seasonal pins onto boards that you choose. Before SmartLoop was introduced, you'd have to manually re-schedule your popular and seasonal content.

With SmartLoop, you can set it up one time and let it do the work. Vanessa Kynes wrote a post about how to loop your content using SmartLoop.

6. Create Board Lists

Another Tailwind tip again. Board lists is a time-saving feature by Tailwind. Board lists are a list of similar boards you'd group together to schedule your content out faster.

For example, I have a board called 'Facebook Marketing' and a board called 'Social Media Tips'. Any pins related to Facebook Marketing is also relevant to the Social Media Tips board. So I created a board list called 'Facebook'. When I schedule a pin on this topic, I only need to type "Facebook" instead of having to type both board names. It's like a keyword shortcut!

You'd also want to create a list of the group boards you have joined. I have a board list named "Group Boards" so that I don't have to remember the individual group board name whenever I schedule my pins out to group boards.

Tailwind Board Lists

7. Keep Track of the Pins You've Shared

Keeping track of the pins you've shared on Pinterest is especially helpful when you have tons of blog posts/ content on your site. You'll want to keep track of your pins you shared because you'll want to re-share them 4-6 months later.

One game-changing method I found is to track those pins on a Trello Board so that you know what you pinned in which month. Now this may sound counterintuitive as you’re spending extra time to add details like pin image, link and pin description to the Trello board as you schedule your pins.

But trust me, it saves you the time and trouble of fumbling through your Pinterest boards or Tailwind published pins to find old pin images and descriptions to re-share.

As a visual person, I don’t like the idea of referring to spreadsheets, so I created a Trello board for this. If you're a spreadsheet super human, by all means use it. Use what works best for you.

You can steal my pin tracker Trello Board here!

8. Keep your scripts and templates handy

You know what another time saver is? Templates! I eat and breath templates. When it comes Pinterest marketing, we often look for new group boards and Tribes to join. And that means introducing yourself to the group board/ Tribe owner.

You can swipe my group board application script here. (Most group boards require you to send them an email. Read the instructions on the group board to find out how to apply):

Group Board email script:

Subject line: Request to Join Your [Group Board Name] Group Board on Pinterest

“Hi [Group Board Owner Name],

I came across your [Group Board Name] recently and I would love to be added as a contributor.

My name is [Your Name] and I’m a [Describe what you do] at [Your Website]. I write about [Topics you blog about/ what your provide].

My Pinterest email is [Your Email Address Used For Pinterest] and my Pinterest account is [https://www.pinterest.com/YourPinterestHandle].

Please feel free to have a look at my Pinterest profile and website.

Thank you!


[Your Name]”

For Tailwind Tribes, you can apply through the “request to join” link in Tailwind Tribes. It’s good to introduce yourself to the Tribe owner in your request message (use the script above), but you don’t need to provide your Pinterest account details as Tailwind automatically pulls your Pinterest account data for you.

9. Create Workflows of Recurring Tasks

I love to create workflows because it clears off the mental space to have to remember each action to take to complete a task. It's basically a breakdown of small tasks you need to take to complete a project.

For example, a workflow to schedule a pin could look like this:

1. Keyword research

2. Create pin graphics

3. Write a pin description with relevant hashtags

4. Upload the pin graphic with pin description to your blog post

5. Schedule the pins with Tailwind

6. Add the details to the pin tracker Trello Board

As a Pinterest manager, having workflows helps me stay focused and complete my work faster. After some time, you may no longer need to refer to the list, but it will come in handy when you decide to outsource the work to someone else.

I set up my workflows in Asana but you can use Trello, Google Keep, Notes or any digital or physical tool of your choice.

Use this Pin Tracker Trello Board to help you keep track of what you have pinned each month.

10. Hire a Pinterest Manager

Even with the above time-saving methods, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, maybe it’s time to hire a Pinterest manager. If you recognize that Pinterest is a valuable asset to your business, investing in a Pinterest expert would be your shortcut to Pinterest success.

I offer Pinterest marketing strategy and management to overwhelmed lady bosses. Let me help you grow your Pinterest traffic on autopilot. Check out my services here.

What’s your best Pinterest time-saving tip? I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below.